The Breakfast Myth: Why Your Favorite Cereal Isn’t as Healthy as You Think


I'm Madison Jules
Here's what I believe: everyone deserves to have access to the knowledge they need to understand what's best for them so they can make informed choices about their life.

Have you ever found yourself a bit overwhelmed in the cereal aisle?

I mean…how could you not? There’s entire aisles dedicated to just cereal! 

When I was in high school I was obsessed with Special K. 

I’d eat it almost every day, I’d tell my friends how good it was and how healthy I thought it was, but guess what?

This is kind of embarrassing to admit…

Special K isn’t healthy at all. It’s not our fault though! 

We should be able to trust the claims these cereal companies make.

We shouldn’t have to put on our Sherlock Holmes hat to get down to what we’re really putting into our bodies. 🙄

In a world filled with enticing packaging and persuasive marketing, it’s easy to fall prey to the allure of store-bought cereals so don’t feel bad!

Bottom line? Don’t buy into the front-of-the-box hype. 

Deception in the Aisles

Everytime you set foot in the grocery store you’re greeted by rows upon rows of colorful boxes promising everything from whole grain goodness to heart health benefits.

Yet, many of these same cereals are filled with harmful additives and synthetic chemicals that can wreak havoc on your body.

I’m sure you’ve heard of Honey Nut Cheerios, right? Since we were kids we’ve been fed the heart healthy benefits of Cheerios.

Remember the commercials of little kids and their grandparents eating Cheerios for breakfast because they’re so good for you? 

The front of the Cheerio box promises heart-healthy and fortified essential vitamins but a glance at the ingredients list reveals a different narrative…

Honey Nut Cheerios contains BHT, a preservative banned in several countries. 

With 2,000 synthetic chemicals permitted in conventional packaged foods, it’s important to question the true impact these seemingly innocent breakfast staples have on our health.

Take a look at the claims made on the multi grain cheerios label:

Now take a look at the ingredients and this information about fortified and enriched foods:

The Truth Behind Your Favorite Cereal

It’s time to debunk the myths surrounding breakfast cereals. 

According to Food Scores Database Reports from the Environmental Working Group (EWG), nearly a quarter of conventional cereals contain the harmful preservative BHT.

Our best option as people who care about what we put into our bodies? Learning to opt for healthier breakfast options and when we really want cereal knowing which ones are truly healthier.

Unfortunately, cereal is not as healthy as it’s made out to be and it isn’t providing the nutritional value needed for a meal. 

AKA—97% of the options in the cereal aisle are not doing your body any favors. 

Cups of sugar? Straight carbs with nothing to balance it? Enriched wheat? Cue the blood sugar rollercoaster and the inevitable crash later in the day!

Pro tip: cereal can be a great addition to a yogurt bowl or a carb with your eggs but I wouldn’t suggest having just cereal for breakfast.

To avoid the overwhelm next time you’re grocery shopping, try some of my favorite cereal swaps:

Final Food For Thought

Have you ever thought of starting your day focusing on protein first then fats… then carbs? (I love this because it keeps me so full and energized throughout the day!)

Growing up, I believed the labels on cereal boxes were trustworthy guides to healthy eating but my health journey has shown me that what’s on the front of the box isn’t always what’s inside.

To get you started on your commitment to making healthier choices, I’m excited to offer you TWO coupon codes to try my favorite cereals at home!

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Next time you’re in the cereal aisle, remember: not all that glitters is gold. 

Choose wisely and kickstart your day with fuel that truly serves you!