White on White

Monday Blues
July 3, 2017
Teen No More
August 26, 2017

Hi everyone! This is a little throwback post from when I was interning in the Big Apple. I love love love the look of white on white. It is a staple look that is easy to put together, and can be matched in so many ways. I’m wearing white jeans from Zara, a white tank top from Topshop, and of course, jewelry by my jewelry line Madison’s Jewels.

My closet mainly consists of white, black, navy, and a few pops of color. While it is still Summer, I try to wear as much white as possible. This means as many white on white outfits as I can fit in. Although it is ‘frowned upon’ to wear white jeans after Labor Day, I say wear what you want and wear clothes according to the climate you are in!!

Have a great day,
Madison Jules





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