June 17, 2016
Sophomore Year
May 19, 2017

Every summer there are endless new trends waiting to be bought and worn by lovers of fashion, including myself. Below are 5 trends that I am indulging in this summer.

Funky bathing suits

Goodbye plain, striped, and polka dot bikini. Hello fun and different bathing suits. Flash your summer bod in a fashion forward bathing suit, and there you have it: the perfect trendy picture and unconventional tan line.

Denim : Frayed shorts and button up skirts

Both of these trends are so versatile, and can be worn so many different ways. Jean shorts and button front skirts can be paired with: tank tops, tank tops with a blazer, button up shirts, long sleeved shirts, crop tops, and sweaters. All options can be tucked in the shorts/skirt or un-tucked. (Free People skirt pictured)


Yes, you can now go through your mid 90’s to mid 00’s drawers and pull out not only your jean skirt, but your chokers as well!! They are making a comeback. I honestly love this trend because you can wear chokers with most outfits and layer them with other jewelry. (Pictured is a turquoise choker layered with other necklaces available for purchase on the shop page)

Lace up shoes

Summer flats and sandals are always staple pieces. This summer they are spiced up with some ‘shoe’ lace. It is crazy how much a little lace can change a look.

Denim Dresses

Denim is great to wear all year round. When it is hot outside, denim dresses are a go-to in order to help bear the summer heat. Pair a denim dress with cute sneakers, stylish glasses, and a cross body purse: worthy for all day shopping day all the way to a casual dinner.

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