February 27, 2015
February 27, 2015

Hello! As I’m typing, I’m on a road trip to Clearwater Beach, Florida. It’s almost MLK day, and we decided to hop in the car and adventure to the beach for the weekend. The beach is my favorite place, and it’s where I feel at home and happy no matter the beach. As I went to pack, I realized I was headed to the beach during winter. The weather could turn cool any minute, so I decided to keep my clothes casual and easy to layer to keep warm.

My favorite piece that I brought with me is a sarong that I bought in the Abacos Islands this past summer. The great thing about the sarong is that I can use it as much more than just a sarong. It can be used as a normal sarong, a blanket for the beach, a scarf, and a cardigan! When I go out to dinner, I can dress it up and use it as a cardigan with a tank, necklace and heels. One of the few times I will splurge on a piece is when I can use it for multiple reasons. I think it’s important to think about different outfits that you can use each item for before you buy it and realize it doesn’t match any of your clothes. We’ve all made that mistake before! Thanks for reading and have a good day!

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