Jumping Into Summer

60 in June??
June 8, 2017
Why Rompers
June 29, 2017

Hi! Today I wore my new and favorite black jumpsuit. It comes in black and white and although I do love white I can wear black year round. It's so versatile because I can wear the jumpsuit with different jackets, sweaters, accessories, shoes, and also year round (thanks to Atlanta). I paired it with my favorite snakeskin chunky heels. Side note: totally obsessed with snakeskin!!

This weekend my brother came to visit me in NYC, so after work I showed him around. Let me tell you, no matter how comfy you feel in a pair of heels, you CANNOT walk 8.2 miles in them. Thank you Fit Bit for the exact numbers! Seven miles in and I made a desperate run to Shoegasm to buy a pair of flat shoes because the heels were killing my feet. Besides the wardrobe malfunction, I have to say I looove jumpsuits! They are so easy to wear and pair with endless different things. I wore two necklaces layered from my collection Madison's Jewels.

Have a great day!
Madison Jules

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