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December 5, 2017
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March 25, 2020

Woah there, I know I skipped a few YEARS on this blog. One day, in the unknown future, I am planning on having a book that goes into more depth on my life stories, myself, and what makes me who I am today. (Trust me on this, it isn’t what you expect, even those who know me)!! I mean, I’m already 2 pages into the book and that counts as a start, ok?!!

I decided to gather a collage of a few of my beloved 2019 memories, so those who don’t know me can get a glimpse of my life. This year miiiight not include a 3 week European Adventure thanks to being a full time working lady, but who knows what other intriguing posts you’ll find on here. Stay tuned to find out.


Madison Jules



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